Fervency -”intensity of feeling; ardor; fervor..” 

He was the burning and shining lamp,… ” – John 5:35

All of Israel showed up in the barren wilderness of Judea to see John the Baptist. It was a very unlikely place for a national revival. But it happened there… on the river’s edge of the Jordan. What drew them to this “voice crying out in the wilderness”? Jesus said that people did not go to John primarily to hear something, but to see something. Jesus described John as man on fire. He called him a “burning and shining lamp”.

He was a man set on fire from heaven. How? In the gospel of Luke it says that John left as a youth and was in the desert until starting his public ministry to Israel. Luke 1:80 There in the solitude of the desert, his love for God and steadfast commitment to seek Him in the secret place fueled a fervency and passion that became a shining lamp for the entire nation of Israel.


Meditate on Psalms 63:1-7 


Proclamations and Prayer 

“Father, in the name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit I set myself apart to seek you in the secret place. Light the fire again of holy devotion and unrestrained love for You. Light a fire in me that touches all those who come in contact with me today. Let me be a burning and a shining lamp. In Jesus name, Amen!

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