I Corinthians 14:8, “Again, if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?”

America is in crisis.  We are bitterly divided by opposing ideologies that are ripping our nation apart.  A powder keg of racial tensions simmers below the surface of mainstream America.  Islam has become the fastest growing religion in America.  Our nation is in a free fall of debt of which many experts are saying we will not recover. As a nation we are just not connecting the increasing natural disasters, terrorist assaults, economic uncertainties, racial tensions, and lawless violence on our streets to our moral and spiritual condition.

Will we as a nation continue on this course of turning away from God and stepping away from our Judeo/Christian roots?  If so, what kind of future America will our children and grandchildren live in?  What will be our excuse if we do nothing to stop this decline?   Somehow we have to realize we are in crisis, and we have to put aside the things that have kept us from getting involved.

The only hope for our nation is God.  The problems that we face are not political, but spiritual.  No candidate or political party alone can save our nation.  There are no human solutions to remedy the situation we are in … only God has the answers.   We are in a Joel 2 moment in our history.  God’s remedy for a nation in crisis is to gather the leaders and the people to humbly pray and repent of national sins.  That is what DC16 is all about.  It is a Pastor-led call reclaiming America’s future in the spirit of Joel 2:16-17.

United Cry DC16 is standing for a cultural, moral and spiritual awakening in America.  It is doing that by unifying pastors and Christian leaders to take responsibility for the spiritual condition of America and to actively engage the culture for change.   Only a united church can heal a divided nation. On April 9th a clear call will go forth at the Lincoln Memorial:  a call for prayer, repentance, revival, and restoration.  Please make plans to be part of this historic gathering.  Register today at http://unitedcry.com/register/.  Registration is free, but required.

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