In grave and uncertain times, men are called upon to abandon preference and mitigate upon the earth the principles of heaven. These principles are the revealed intentions of a holy God for a lost and broken humanity. These immutable principles of heaven are administered by the Spirit of Prayer in lives of courageous men and women. It is in these times we live and it is these principles we must decree. The Spirit of Prayer guides us in all humility to boldly bring our appeal before the One who is Holy, Just and Good. We have no other recourse and no greater appeal than to the One who has promised to come. John Locke wrote in the Second Treatise of Civil Government that those “who having no appeal on earth to right them, they are left to the only remedy in such cases, an appeal to heaven.”

I remember hearing a powerful minister years ago ask a stunning question, “Will America return to God through desperation or through revelation?” Oh, that it might be by revelation! Oh, that the Spirit of Prayer might so grip our hearts that every barrier that seeks to divide us will be consumed upon the altar of intercession. There is emerging in the land a generation no longer willing to tolerate the indifference of the past and who together are standing to make a united cry for America’s awakening and transforming revival. The Lord will come and heal the land.

Come and be a part of United Cry DC 16 at Lincoln Memorial on April 9th. Let your voice be heard with 30,000 Pastors crying out to God to change this nation.

Rick Curry

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