How we choose the date – April 9th

After saying yes to the Lord to host UnitedCry DC16, we began to take practical steps. We sought counsel with friends, family, and leaders. As we put words to the dream, we were surprised time and time again as those around us actually believed we could do this.

Acts 17:26 “ From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”


Toward the end of December 2013 we were talking with Elias Reyes about the possibility of doing a large gathering in DC. At that time, Elias was the CFO of The Call and was working with Lou Engle on Call events. He asked “what day would the prayer gathering be on?” Rachel and I both believed it needed to be during the 2016 election year. Although many friends and people thought that was too late, we had a strong sense from the Lord that 2016 was the year. Now we just needed the actual day. Elias suggested we precede whatever day we chose, with forty days of prayer and fasting. Pragmatically, we looked at the 2016 calendar. As the months lined the pages of the calendar, we chose March 1 to begin the time of prayer and fasting. We counted 40 days out and landed on April 9th. How surprised and pleased we were, when we saw that April 9th was a Saturday. Checking the day for Easter, we decided that would be the date. April 9th 2016. Little did we know the significance of that date, but God in His providence confirmed it in a mighty way six weeks later.

Lewis Hogan

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