My times are in your hands.

(Psalm 31:15).

When I was in elementary school, I loved history.   I loved the tests that I had to memorize the timelines and dates.   Seeing how dates connected into kingdoms, rules, and wars fascinated me.   As an adult many of those dates faded as I began seeing the whys more than dates of history.   However, the Lord highlighted my love of  history, dates, and significance as we began planning DC16.

italyIn February 2014, Lewis and I  found ourselves at a prayer gathering in Pasadena, CA.   The meeting was called 2:22 based on Isaiah 22:22.

However, it was not the messages alone shared that day that brought insight, but rather the dates. We found ourselves amazed as April 9th was mentioned three times through different speakers’ casual comments.

 April 9, 1865 – The ending of the Civil War

April 9, 1906 – The Birthing of the Azusa Street Revival

April 9, 1945 – the Martyrdom of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Lewis and I were overwhelmed with the goodness of God as those historical dates highlighted the areas God had spoken to us about for the focus of United Cry – Repentance for National Sins, Prayers for Revival and Awakening, and Emboldening Pastors to be voices into culture.

Later we discovered further April 9th dates of confirmation:

April 9, 1968 was the funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

April 9, 1816 was the birthing of the AME church

April 9, 1939 – Marian Anderson sang at the Lincoln Memorial after being denied an audience at Constitution Hall due to racism of the day

As we became aware of these dates, the Lord begin to strongly speak to us about addressing the role the church needs to play in healing the division of our land.

The day of April 9th had already been established in history as a day that brought great change to the nation.  We begin to pray that April 9, 2016 would be marked with historical and spiritual significance once again.    The same God who measures our lives  with an appointed beginning and the end is the same God who establishes dates as signposts for us to contend for repentance, revival, and Godly leaders in our land.  

We left that prayer gathering in Pasadena with the assurance that April 9th was marked with significance.

Lewis Hogan

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