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North Texas Prayer Alliance

Meet us at the field in the center of Texas for our Nehemiah moment. 


Info Sheet & Schedule

A gathering moment for a solemn assembly of prayer, believing for revival and awakening in our state, nation and the world.

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Info & Schedule

Planning Your Trip

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Check out our Facebook page or go straight to these promo materials you can help spread the word on social media and at your church! Make sure you register on our Eventbrite page too :)

Promo Materials

Project 254

As in the days of Nehemiah, when there was an accounting

of the families of Israel in rebuilding the wall, what would it mean to have an accounting of the counties of Texas to join in unified prayer asking God to send revival and awakening to Texas?

Unified prayer is good soil for revival. We are asking for representatives from all 254 counties to join us in the field in Brady, TX. You can submit your county info with registration for the event.

Learn more about collecting soil from every county!

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "I am about to revive and awaken the heart of Texas." He said, "When you see the heart of Texas revived, the heart of the nation will be revived as well." In the midst of this vision I realized that Texas held a key to releasing national revival in America.

Matt Sorger - May 2006

Let us know how you can help!

In addition to registering on the Eventbrite page, we are asking for volunteers of all kinds. Similar to when Nehemiah appealed to people to help build the wall to restore honor and proper worship in Israel. Let us know how YOU can help.

We need worshippers, greeters, security, admin, intercessors, hospitality. Ultimately we need men and women of God who are willing to dream big and believe that prayer changes a person, a people, a community a city, a county, a state, a region and a nation.

Volunteer Registration

Check out this podcast feat. Lewis Hogan sharing about this exciting initiative.

A call to unity

After a prayer gathering with thousands of people in the center of the nation on July 23rd 2021 we felt like God was calling us to host a similar gathering in the geographic center of Texas. Confirming words and prayer have opened our eyes to a Nehemiah moment. This is something we can only do ALL TOGETHER!