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Building Christ-like community around mothers before, during, and after pregnancies.

Rachel Hogan

What is Zoe 2.0?

Zoe 2.0 literally means life times two: We value the life of the baby and we value the life of the mom. Each is equally precious and important. We want to provide support for both.

The premise is simple: No new mom should ever feel alone; all new life deserves to be celebrated and Zoe 2.0's mission is to practically love on new moms and new babies who have little or fragile support.

The way we are doing that is through the local church. Women's groups, life groups, Sunday School classes will have the opportunity to do three things for new moms.

  • Provide a meal train for the first six weeks the mom is home with her baby. Five meals will be provided the first week, and then a minimum of one meal for the remaining five weeks. This will give opportunity to physically check in on the new mom and baby.
  • Offer transportation (if needed )home from the hospital and to the initial doctor visits during the first six weeks.
  • Provide a text chain of support with other established new moms so that they can text a group of moms with real time experience of caring for new life. The commitment will be for six weeks but our hope is that the connection will be for a lifetime.

Our prayer is that this new mom and baby will be placed in a community of the local church who will come alongside and be the grandmothers, the aunts, the cousins, in other words, the family to this mom and child who are lacking that type of community and support.  


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